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We See Hydrocarbons


Scotforth offers a range of products and exploration collaborations: 

1. Scotforth’s Global Prospect Inventory: 

Scotforth’s has a range of Exploration Prospects on offer from its own confidential “HLI Prospect Book”. These comprise a selection of its superior HLI identified prospects and leads world-wide with their modelled geological attributes, PRPs, exploration risks and acreage opportunities. 

They are available on an individual basis or as exploration portfolio packages to meet the particular strategic intent of clients and allies. Packages can be targeted /mixed to focus on specific basins, play districts and/ or countries. Importantly, these provide maximum "stealth weapon" advantage to Scotforth and its allies in these arrangements, comprising appealing low risk targets that are unknown to all but them. 

2. Exploration Surveys:

a) Conventional DHM Prospectivity Open Survey Reports: 

Standalone Scotforth HLI-based prospectivity evaluation reports of client-provided target acreages - existing licence blocks and/or possible new venture areas. The typical Prospectivity Survey Reports range from regional reconnaissance surveys of large exploration districts/basins (30,000+km2) through licence block assessments (typically 5-25,000 km2) to high resolution (pre-drill) prospect surveys (100+ km2). Associated maps range from 1:500,000 scale through 1:200,000 scale to 1:100,000 scale, depending on survey type. Each survey type has its merits for the purpose in hand. The Reports include the “Map” of HLI anomalies (graded features), a description of the Survey, a tabulation of the mapped “prospect inventory” or “PI”, a “gallery” of illustrative processed RSDD-H anomalies in the Survey Area, a text discussion of results and dependent on the resolution of the survey, modelled exploration risk and PRP profiles of the PI. Exploration recommendations are normally offered at the close of the Report.  

b) Client Prospect Evaluation Reports: 

At any particuar point in a client's lease / acreage / conventional prospect development status the stand-alone contribution of a Scotforth Direct Hydrocarbon Mapping (DHM) prospectivity survey can be timely and effective. These DHM insights are a valuable adjunct to conventionally developed (CLI) exploration prospects / prospect inventory where it appears that the “Irreducible Exploration Risk Barrier” (IERB) has been attained but in reality has not.
These targeted surveys test whether or not the pre-defined conventional prospects have affirming HLI anomalous response and if so, over what areal extent and with what quality. Using Scotforth’s exploration risk modelling these findings can significantly revise the pre-existing exploration risk or Probability of Discovery while the new information of areal extent can significantly revise (or affirm) the client’s PRP estimates. In turn, these can impact the exploration decision process on leasing, progression and/or drilling of the conventional features. In many cases the results can provide guidance as to the choice of effective well locations. Importantly, the results may impact materially the risked PRP of the prospect and its related pre-drill gross risked NPV10.


Commercial Arrangements and Pricing: 

Scotforth engages in a range of commercial arrangements. Some are strategic, exclusive, exploration alliance deals, some are mixed cash and participation/success deals and others are straight cash fee deals. We retain flexibility in negotiating terms such that we can suitably meet the needs of both clients / customers and ourselves. 

For more information about our products or to enquire about how we might help meet your exploration needs, please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.