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We See Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons in the Northwestern Interior Basins and Adjacent Overthrust Belt, USA

Scotforth has studied various parts of the USA from as early as 2000. In the early years Alaska was the primary focus– both the North Slope and the onshore Cook Inlet basins. More recently, it has placed attention increasingly on the Lower 48 with studies of the Cordilleran Deformed Belt and the Interior Basins of Montana, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota and Nevada.

Scotforth is now excited to recognise:

  • We have identified for drilling many excellent conventional petroleum prospects in these States
  • These range from giant new field discovery targets in under-explored districts right down to “40 acre” single well pool targets in long-explored and heavily drilled basins
  • Our Direct Hydrocarbon Mapping (DHM) prospect book is large, growing and calibrated to RSDD-H observed known oil and gasfields; we will identify many more new targets
  • The stealth land-banking capacity of Direct Hydrocarbon Mapping across this prospect book is immense
  • The opportunity to engage in prospect drill-outs for new discoveries is uniquely low risk.
Full details of the Direct Hydrocarbon Mapping potential and the opportunities that it provides in this region can be explored by downloading our brief here.