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Scotforth has surveyed the entire Kurdistan segment of the Zagros Deformed Belt ("ZDB") over the past five years and through Direct Hydrocarbon Mapping (DHM), has now created an area-wide HLI prospect and lead inventory across all awarded PSCs and open lands.  This inventory is unique and offers vital insights into the total petroleum resource potential of Kurdistan and its individual PSCs and open block areas.


Individual PSC Block Prospectivity Reports are ready for formal ordering by clients. Each contains a 1:100,000 scale DHM Prospectivity Map, a tabulation and discussion of the observed prospects and leads (size, confidence and exploration risk) - the Prospect Inventory ("PI") - and a number of illustrative anomaly images expressing the PI observations. A total Petroleum Resource Potential (the "PRP") is estimated for each Block, based on its mapped PI. The magnitude and forecast distribution of this PRP -unrisked and risked- is also provided feature by feature, enabling clear prioritisation of emerging exploration targets and critical analysis of where wells have been drilled and preferably should be drilled. In most cases, the PRP at this time comprises volumes in the "Prospective Resources" category. The PRP modelling uses the PI HLI data in combination with the emerging petroleum resource volumetric patterns of the Zagros play fairway.

These Reports are available for delivery within 30-45 days of received orders and accompanying payment of the required deposit. They are typically licensed for use under exclusive terms. All reports will be individually licensed copies.

Pricing is based on the size of the Block and on whether the Report is being delivered under exclusive or non-exclusive usage terms. Prices and terms of use will be provided to specific client requests for commercial details of particular Block Reports.


A Zagros district-wide Prospectivity Synthesis Report is potentially available under exclusive licensing terms and conditions. This identifies the total PRP of the district, where it locates and how it ranks block by block.


By way of detailed case study illustration of some HLI findings in this great petroleum habitat please examine the Mirawa discovery - look at our news article.

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